Spacer for Crimping Terminal

Spacer for Crimping Terminal

  • Can use to connect power wire to PCB.
  • Only for Through Hole PCB
  • Material..Brass

Part # - Size/Options

  • Part #: 2.6PB-10
    MPQ (Min. Pkg Qty): 100 pack
    Price/Ea: CALL
    Price: CALL

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  • Diagram 1
    Diagram 2
  • N/OFinishA fLCD fEMTH hole fLand Diameter fPCB ThicknessCurrent CapacityTightening Torque
    PB-1-GPlated Au over Ni base663.32.023.5M32.0-2.17+1.6 to and below
    PB-1-SPlated Sn over Ni base663.32.023.5M32.0-2.17+1.6 to and below
    PB-2-GPlated Au over Ni and below
    PB-2-SPlated Sn over Ni and below
    PB-3-GPlated Au over Ni base783.33.025M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    PB-3-SPlated Sn over Ni base783.33.025M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    PB-4-GPlated Au over Ni and below
    PB-4-SPlated Sn over Ni and below
    2PB-4Plated Sn over Ni base44322.5M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-5Plated Sn over Ni base45323M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-6Plated Sn over Ni base46324M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-7Plated Sn over Ni base47325M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-8Plated Sn over Ni base48325M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-9Plated Sn over Ni base49325M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-10Plated Sn over Ni base410325M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-11Plated Sn over Ni base411325M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-12Plated Sn over Ni base412325M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-13Plated Sn over Ni base413325M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-14Plated Sn over Ni base414325M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2PB-15Plated Sn over Ni base415325M22.0-2.15+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-5Plated Sn over Ni base55332.5M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-6Plated Sn over Ni base56333.5M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-7Plated Sn over Ni base57334.5M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-8Plated Sn over Ni base58335.5M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-9Plated Sn over Ni base59336.5M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-10Plated Sn over Ni base510337M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-11Plated Sn over Ni base511337M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-12Plated Sn over Ni base512337M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-13Plated Sn over Ni base513337M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-14Plated Sn over Ni base514337M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    2.6PB-15Plated Sn over Ni base515337M2.63.0-3.16+1.6 to and below
    3PB-5Plated Sn over Ni base5.55332.5M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-6Plated Sn over Ni base5.56333.5M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-7Plated Sn over Ni base5.57334.5M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-8Plated Sn over Ni base5.58335.5M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-9Plated Sn over Ni base5.59336.5M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-10Plated Sn over Ni base5.510337M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-11Plated Sn over Ni base5.511337M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-12Plated Sn over Ni base5.512337M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-13Plated Sn over Ni base5.513337M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-14Plated Sn over Ni base5.514337M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    3PB-15Plated Sn over Ni base5.515337M33.0-3.16.5+1.6 to and below
    4PB-6Plated Sn over Ni base76333M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    4PB-7Plated Sn over Ni base77334M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    4PB-8Plated Sn over Ni base78335M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    4PB-9Plated Sn over Ni base79336M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    4PB-10Plated Sn over Ni base710337M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    4PB-11Plated Sn over Ni base711337M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    4PB-12Plated Sn over Ni base712337M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    4PB-13Plated Sn over Ni base713337M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    4PB-14Plated Sn over Ni base714337M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below
    4PB-15Plated Sn over Ni base715337M43.0-3.18+1.6 to and below